case study 2

18 Mar Case Study Conclusions

Storyful was able to build a successful content-discovery methodology. We wanted to source, verify, and archive key content emerging via eyewitnesses  and IS-associated propagandists. We wanted to do this to allow our news partners to tell a coherent story. The purpose of documenting and verifying

18 Mar Ethical use of perpetrator content

This case study was concerned with applying Storyful’s discovery and verification methodology to a long term issue or category of content – in this case, content emerging from occupied Mosul, Iraq. This content was divided into three distinct categories for the purposes of this report:

18 Mar Archiving content and associated metadata

Storyful used open source information to source and verify content from inside occupied Mosul and throughout the government operation to retake the city. We verified the source, date and location of a number of videos, as set out above. Storyful archived these videos and logged

18 Mar IS Human Rights Abuses in Mosul

1. IS Hangs Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters From Bridge Amid Mosul Offensive  (Graphic) Source: Islamic State via Amaq News (Confirmed) Location: Mosul (Confirmed) Date: October 20, 2016 (Corroborated) Archived here Amaq News  released footage on October 20, 2016, showing two men dressed in fatigues, faces bloodied,

18 Mar Ordinary Life Under Under IS Control

1. IS Return to Site of First Assault on the City for Propaganda Video Source: Islamic State via (Confirmed) Location: Mosul (Confirmed) Date: November 28, 2014 (Corroborated) Archived here The footage shows a busy city with traffic on the streets and people going about

18 Mar Role of Perpetrator Video

Content Relating to the Initial Show of Force Most IS propaganda has focused on  its ability to take on state military forces with far greater numbers and more advanced weaponry. Social media was used to announce the group’s spread across parts of Iraq and Syria

18 Mar Relevant Reporting

For its reporting on the story Storyful developed lists of reliable sources and catalogued them for internal use by name, logo (where appropriate), associated location and area of coverage, associated accounts, and affiliations or political links. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,

18 Mar Methodology

This case study discusses these challenges, as well as setting out the methodology used to build a process for a story of this type, defined by WITNESS for the purposes of this report as a Model 2 investigation – the investigation of a category of

18 Mar Outcome

Storyful monitored the city of Mosul from the time it was overrun by IS fighters, through to the battle to retake the city. During this time, we developed a methodology for monitoring the release of new content. The result of the work was a feed

18 Mar Purpose

Storyful’s goal was to source, verify, and archive key content emerging from the large volume of eyewitness- and IS-published media online, and make sense of that content to allow our news partners to tell a coherent story. We broke the down what we found into

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