The 2014 Human Rights Citizen Video – Year in Review

Over the past year, WITNESS’ Human Rights Channel curated over 800 citizen videos documenting human rights. Today we release our 2014 Year in Review.

In it, you’ll find thoughtful analysis by Madeleine Bair, the HRC’s Program Manager, a short video highlighting regions and issues we covered, information and contextualization around the source videos that have informed our thinking, and an interactive map highlighting many of the human rights violations we followed this year.

As Madeleine writes in her introduction:

What stands out this year is not only the sheer volume of citizen footage, but the growing audience for it. More investigators, researchers, journalists, and activists are getting their information from video recorded by average people documenting their own communities. More citizens are engaged with human rights issues because footage fills their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Of course, not all human rights issues are captured on video, and not all online videos of human rights capture mass attention. But today, all of us come face to face with human rights abuse on our screens, and must confront what it exposes, what it means, and what we can do about it.

The Human Rights Channel 2014 Year in Review can be read, watched and interacted with here.

This post was originally written for the Human Rights Channel, which is now the WITNESS Media Lab. Follow @WITNESS_Lab on Twitter for analysis and resources on the verification and contextualization of eyewitness video for human rights. 

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