Reporting on Immigration: Journalists and Activists in Conversation

Immigrant communities in the U.S. face an escalating climate of hate, abuse, and subsequent media coverage. It is critical that advocates and the reporters work together to ensure that stories are told in safe, ethical and effective ways. But how?

To help propel this important conversation, WITNESS organized a panel to explore how journalists and advocates can work together to ethically amplify immigrant voices, bringing together Garry Pierre-Pierre (The Haitian Times), Rong Xiaoqing (Sing Tao Daily), Palika Makam (WITNESS) and Ginger Thompson (ProPublica), Bruna Bouhid (United We Dream) and Albert Saint Jean (BAJI NYC).

They shared tactics for how to promote the safety of sources, authenticating information, honoring the voices of interviewees and drawing attention to coverage of these issues. This event demonstrated how collaboration and holistic conversations can facilitate nuanced, sensitive and impactful stories that build pathways to justice.   

The livestream of the conversation is available for you to stream + download. Keep this conversation going by sharing your thoughts and reactions with us on Twitter @witnessorg or!

This dialogue was part of the WITNESS Media Lab’s Eyes on ICE project, an initiative dedicated to supporting directly impacted communities and allies to document abuses against immigrant communities and use video and technology to fight deportations and advocate for immigrant rights.



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